Submission Guidelines

The articles can be of any topic but must fall inside technology scope. We are interested in publishing articles in various categories which includes, not limited to, internet, programming (Java, JEE, C/C++, PHP, MySQL, Oracle etc.), design, architecture, computing, blogging, open source, software, mobile apps, technology start-ups, social media, content creation, latest trends.

  • The post you write here MUST be exclusively written for IdioTechie. It should be unique and not posted anywhere else. Your article will be verified before publishing, if it is found anywhere else on the web, it will be removed and won’t get published.
  • Article should be of at least 300 words.
  • Articles must be sent in either Word doc (preferable), PDF format.
  • Articles must be proof read before submission.
  • We believe in learning through pictorial representation of the problem or solutions. Therefore every article MUST have a diagram, solution description or at least a basic flow chart related to the topic. Images must be of .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png type. You can also embed/screencast videos related to your post. The video links needs to be shared via Youtube only.
  • Your article should contain the following items as a template:
  1.  Title (Mandatory)
  2.  Target audience (Optional)
  3.  Keywords (Optional)
  4.  Content with at least one diagram ( Mandatory)
  5.  References (Optional)
  6.  About the author (Mandatory)
  • You can add ONLY ONE do-follow link back to your own website/blog in your posts. Too many outbound links will not be allowed.
  • Please  ensure you follow copyright laws on all images and content taken from web. If you take any image or a piece of content from web, always give credits to the original site or the owner.
  • You are allowed to put one Adsense ad unit inside your post.
  • Before start writing on a topic, use the search box at top right of our site to check if it is already published or not.
  • Don’t direct link external images in your posts. Embed them in your document.
  • You are allowed and also advised to reply to visitors’ comments on your own articles. You understand more about your article than Admins and you can reply in better way.
  • Please do not use words, comments or topic that are insulting, racial, abusive, sexual and that may offend anyone.

Remember, you cannot directly publish your article. All submitted articles will be reviewed first before they are published. Please allow us 24-48 working hours for the review. You will be emailed automatically if your articles get published or rejected.

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