The 5 Most Anticipated Tech Products For The Second Half Of 2012

The 5 Most Anticipated Tech Products For The Second Half Of 2012

2012 Anticipated tech productsEach year, the big players in the tech world try to outdo one another, with the releases of their most anticipated products. Earlier this year, in mid-March, the world watched as Apple released it’s much anticipated iPad 3.

What will the latter part of 2012 have in store for techies? Read on to find out.

Windows 8

With its beta period finally drawing to a close, the latest Windows operating system iteration is slated to hit the shelves this fall. The desktop design has been completely overhauled, based on the Metro User Interface, and is compatible with both x86 and ARM processors. These upgrades will make it more compatible with both PCs and mobile devices, such as tablets. Microsoft also claims that the new Windows 8 also has a much faster boot time.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

There are really two new Surface Tablets being released in 2012 – Surface RT and Surface 8 Pro. Both versions come with a 10.6 inch screen, a cover that doubles as a keyboard, and a “kickstand” that can be used to prop the device up. Surface Tablets will sport HD displays and two cameras, one on the front and one on the back. With all of these features, the Microsoft Surface Tablet is predicted to give the iPad a run for its money.

Techies looking to replace their iPads can expect these new tablet PC’s to surface during the fall and winter months, in time for the holiday shopping season.

Wii U

When it first came out, the Wii was considered to be something of an underdog. However, the Wii quickly became a best-seller. It’s even gotten to the point where some of the other major game console manufacturers have begun to “borrow” some of the Wii’s concepts, namely, the motion sensing remotes. In 2012, the time has come for Nintendo to come up with a new way to one up the competition. The new Wii U may be enough to do just that, with a unique six-inch touchscreen on the controller, which allows it to be used as a supplemental control option, or it to enable a player to take the game away from the TV set.

Although there has not been an exact date set for the release of the Wii U, rumor has it that Nintendo officials are hoping for a 2012 holiday release, just in time for shopping season.

iPhone 5

Probably one of the most anticipated tech products of 2012 is the Apple iPhone 5. It is predicted that this smartphone will have a much faster processor, and one or more gigs of RAM, along with a larger screen. These upgrades will make it perfect for video calls and other multimedia tasks.

There is some speculation as to when the new iPhone 5 will be released, and as with most Apple releases, it seems to be shrouded in mystery. Most rumors, however, have pegged the release date to be anywhere from late summer to late fall of 2012.

iPad Mini

The so-called iPad Mini is another one of the most anticipated tech products of late 2012. Or is it? No one really knows for sure, but the Internet is rife with speculation. This new miniature iPad will supposedly be much smaller and much less clunky than its predecessors.

At this point, however, the release – and to some, even the existence – of the iPad Mini is nothing but conjecture. Some rumors, on the other hand, have pinpointed its release to be just in time for the 2012 holiday season.

The later part of 2012 will prove to be an exciting one for technology!

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