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Command Design Pattern Structure

By your Command

Command design pattern is one of the widely known design pattern and it falls under the Behavioral Design Pattern (part of Gang of Four). As the name suggests it is related to actions ...
Marker Interface vs Marker Annotation

Is there a better approach to Marker?

Since the launch of Java 1.5 there has been a wide range of discussion and debate on whether to use the Marker interface in Java. This is because Java 1.5 has introduced Annotations ...
Adapter Pattern Structure

Let’s adopt the Adapter

Problem Statement: Have you ever come to a situation where you have been handed over a charge of a code base and were told to update a new functionality reusing the existing components? ...
Abstract Factory Design Pattern (UML)

Abstract Factory Design Pattern Explained

Abstract Factory Design Pattern is another flavor of Factory Design Pattern. This pattern can be considered as a “super factory” or “Factory of factories”. The Abstract Factory ...
Factory Pattern Class Diagram

Solve design problems using Factory Pattern

Factory design pattern is one of the most commonly used patterns in object oriented environment. It is again from the Creational Design pattern category i.e. all about object creation. There ...
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