Healthy Code Habits for Secure PHP Web Development

Healthy Code Habits for Secure PHP Web Development

As a developer, the security of your applications must be your first priority. A reliable and secure web application is not just about using the right platform or choosing the right OS, it is also about coding righteously. You must code your application to be secure. If you are undertaking a new PHP web development project, here are a few things that you must keep in mind to ensure that your application is as secure as possible:

1.  Protect Your File System: File systems are quite vulnerable to hack attacks. It is of utmost importance to guard your file systems. Allowing users to access the file system can dangerous. Design your PHP application in a way that it uses only generated names that are hidden in the database.

  1. Validate Your Input: Validating data input is a habit that every developer should adapt to ensure the security of his application. When it comes to data input, don’t trust users. You might have a great user base that uses your application as unmistakably as you intend them to do. But, whenever there is a scope for input, there is always a scope for bad input. You must safeguard your app against bad input. Always review the input in terms of where it is going and should you permit it or not.
  2. Protect Your Database: Your database acts like soul of your application, so guarding it against any error is very essential. The first thing that you must avoid in order to have a secure database is dynamic SQL code. If, for some reason, it is unavoidable, don’t input it directly into the columns.
  3. Guard against Invalid Posts: Form spoofing is very common in web applications. Form spoofing means someone posts something in your form from some place that you least expected. Since all credentials, spanning from host names to IP addresses, can be spoofed, you must be equipped with ways to guard your form against invalid posts. Adding a drop-down menu is a great option. You get to limit the information that the users can input into the form.

Keeping in mind the aforementioned tactics, you can tackle any security threat that comes your way and make you next PHP web development venture a secure one.

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Steve Graham is an expert in  PHP Web Development, who has been blogging on the niche for last 6 years. Currently, he is associated as a freelancer with a PHP development firm that deals in PHP Development Outsourcing.

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